Client Spotlight

Service Provided:  Executive Coaching

Why I sought coaching: A great way to learn about yourself. It allows an individual to hear what others say about you in both a positive and negative way. With an effective coach, one sees how others perceive you, or react to you, and can use this to improve communication skills. Coaching doesn’t “change” the person, but it does make them better understand themselves and how they interact with others.

How coaching allowed me to become a more effective leader: Absolutely. Using the techniques learned in coaching allows one to interact with others in a different manner, and yet still get your point across. One truly appreciates the skills of communication. Also, one learns why some things are misinterpreted by people. It is not always what you say, but how you say it.

Would I enter coaching again: Definitely. The more one learns about himself or herself, the better the communicator they become and therefore the more effective leader. Why wouldn’t I want someone to work with me to improve my leadership skills???

Is coaching helpful in onboarding new executive leaders and why: ALL leaders should be offered coaching and 360 evaluations. How others perceive us and how we interact with them, can be very different from what reality is. Coaching teaches us that we need to use different methods for different interactions while still being ourselves.

Is there a need for more coaching in the C-suite and why: Everyone can benefit from coaching. Just because someone reaches a “higher” level on the corporate rung does not mean that their ability to communicate is good or the things they say are truly understood in the right way. Leaders always have a choice, and the best choice is to be an effective communicator.

What I didn’t realize about coaching until afterwards: Some of the same comments about me were both on the positive side and the negative side, and I realized that while some people saw things as a good trait, others saw it as a negative. I also “learned” different ways to make my points heard in interactions with others. This usually meant in a “softer” tone, but still very effective.

May your name and title be added to the testimonial? Yes, Peter Jacoby, M.D., Medical Director, Saint Mary’s Hospital ED, Waterbury, CT