About – MLZ Coding

MLZ Coding, LLC founded in 2016, is the collaboration of deeply experienced physician practice healthcare and coding professionals.  The team represents over 90 years of Emergency Medicine physician coding expertise.  This team also builds on deep regulatory and compliance expertise blended with a high caliber Florida and Philippines-based coding group.  Our seasoned leaders orchestrate a superb training and QA approach to assure accuracy and compliance.  Our reporting and coaching assists providers in enhancing their documentation.  We are revenue cycle management experts to help problem-solve concerns and fine-tune your processes.

For more information, see our MLZ Overview and MLZ Profile.

Key Features:

  • A suspend management workflow assures efficiency and provides feedback to providers,
  • QA is routinely performed on 10% of charts,
  • Over 80% of our Coders have a formal medical background, e.g. nursing, making them more effective in chart review and understanding documentation,
  • Secure interface compatibility assures real-time data availability,
  • Customized reporting is completed with your billing provider.
  • Fully insured via Errors and Omissions (E&O) policy.
  • Your client representative will be one of the Team leaders based in Jacksonville, FL, and available at your convenience.

Why Outsource with MLZ?

  • We specialize in coding, have honed our training and delivery processes and maintain relationships to assure regulatory compliance.
  • Our accuracy is >95%.
  • Our QA team and workflow processes assure efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Your client representative is an experienced US-based certified coder with deep process experience available at your convenience.
For business inquiries, Contact Us and we will determine how we can help you.